Preventing Gun Violence

I want to make sure we take steps to protect our neighborhoods from gun violence. No one should fear going to the park, or to a concert, grocery store, mall, school or house of worship because of gun violence. Our children should not have to practice active-shooter drills at school and live with the real fear of being harmed by someone with a weapon intended for a war zone.

I believe in common-sense gun laws and using evidence-based interventions to reduce firearm-related injuries and deaths. These include efforts to get military-style and assault weapons off our streets, expanding and strengthening background checks for gun sales, closing loopholes, and keeping guns out of the hands of the severely mentally ill, domestic abusers and people with violent criminal histories.  

Virginia should be investing in community violence interventions, street outreach and violence interruption programs, statewide gun buyback programs, hospital-based violence intervention programs, as well as cleaning up vacant lots and improving street lighting, all of which have been proven to reduce gun violence.

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