Protecting Reproductive Rights

My passion for reproductive health and education started at a young age, while volunteering and shadowing at the UVA Teen Health Center. This passion played a large role in my decision to go into healthcare.  As a volunteer with Planned Parenthood, I believe strongly – with every fiber of my being – that women must have control over their own bodies, access to affordable quality healthcare, and make their own health care decisions in consultation with their healthcare providers.

The Supreme Court has taken these long-standing fundamental rights away from us, and with a single decision has set women back fifty years. As a long time healthcare provider, I know what happens when women do not have rights and do not feel empowered. Depriving women of their power and autonomy can lead to very serious consequences including death. Women forced to carry a pregnancy suffer physically and mentally, as well as may be unable to work or care for their families.  This decision hurts each and every one of us, and I cannot just sit back and do nothing. Volunteering and protesting is not enough, not now.

With my knowledge, experience, and expertise, I will go to the General Assembly to ensure Virginia does not move backwards. I can use my professional knowledge to explain the damage that will be done to women, our families, and frankly to our communities if women are unable to work or care for their loved ones. I will bring the knowledge of experience both lived and professional.

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